Speaking Jelinese

Welcome!  Thank you for joining me as I journey towards finding balance in my life.

3 thoughts on “Speaking Jelinese

  1. Hi Angie,

    I love your blog!!! My kids do the same things when I ask them to do something as simple as a walk!!!! Also, we just moved so your deck cuttering post makes comepkete sense. I went through a lot before we packed, most of which sat in our garage for a month and we didn’t miss. As I unpack, I think I’m going do throw donate a ton more items. My “stuff” and kids sometimes 😉 stress me out a ton! I’ll keep following your posts! Keep it up as you have real life examples that I’m sure a ton of people can relate to!!!


    1. Oh man!! I just read this! My spelling is terrible when typing from my iPhone!! What happened to autocorrect?


    2. Thanks Toni!! I am so happy to hear my children aren’t the only ones. Isn’t it funny how many things we have that we don’t miss? Autocorrect is terrible!!


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