What’s in a name?


Hey everyone!!  A couple of readers have asked me where Jelinese came from, so I thought I would share a quick response.

I have been teaching science to high school kids for 15 years.  I teach year long classes so the students are stuck with me…..  Teaching this age group makes you a combination of teacher, comedian, cheerleader, motivational speaker, parent, friend, and authoritarian all rolled into one.  Ask any high school teacher or really any teacher.  So much of who I am involves my students.  They continually teach me lessons on patience, kindness, discipline, and countless other ideals you do not learn in college.  I ask them to put forth effort everyday.  To step out of their comfort zone and try things they may not yet fully understand.  So in some ways this blog is a tribute to my students.  I am not totally in my comfort zone yet and I certainly don’t understand all of this internet computer business, but I am learning.  Just like they do.  Your feedback and positive encouragement makes it easier each day.

I have been known to explain science topics in a unique way, let’s say.  I try to make a lot of real world connections and give many metaphors for how things work.  Several students have said my class is easy to understand because I don’t always use the academic language first.  Might be a good thing, might be a bad thing; but it’s how I do it.  So while talking to a student several years ago before class, he coined the term Jelinese.  He told me science was his favorite subject of the year because I speak my own language.  “It’s like Jelinese or something.”  It has stuck ever since then!  I loved the term so much, I tell all of my students they will be fluent in Jelinese by the end of the school year.  We have even joked in class about having t-shirts made.  So when I was thinking about this blog, it seemed natural to title it Speaking Jelinese.  It’s the only way I know how to explain what I am thinking!!

Now you know the back story!!  Have a great day!!!

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