Summer of ME Update #2

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I started the Summer of ME and launched this blog on June 6th.  On June 7th, it was as if the world was covered in unicorns and rainbows.  New clarity and perspective, I was like George from Seinfeld, whistling my way around the world.  I felt all of my stress and crabbiness floating away.  June was a happy blur of walks, writing, hanging with family and being stress free……..Then July came, not the first week of July because we were at the lake for the Fourth, but July 9th came and with it reality.

If you weren’t sure yet, my life has two main seasons:  school and summer.  Of course the real seasons live in there somewhere too, but school and summer rule my life.  July has always sort of been this bridge month between the beginning and end of summer.  The girls always have a lot of summer recreation activities in June, so we are really busy.  August is when the idea of going back to school starts to creep into the mind.  You try to cram as much as possible, into those last warm summer days.  As the end draws near, you are filled with excited anticipation and exhausted dread all at the same time.  However in July, there are not as many activities to run to and more chores to accomplish around the house.  You begin to survey what you have and have not done.  Then there is disappointment more has not been accomplished.  The girls start to get crabby with each other and need more friends around them.  Then they do not fight about dumb stuff like who should unload the top half of the dishwasher and who has to do the silverware.  Seriously, a constant battle in our house.  This has happened every summer.  But I digress.  The Summer of ME was supposed to change all of that and the update goes like this…..

Part 1:  Creating Better Habits for Myself

I was a little bit lazy over the Fourth of July.  Since we were at the lake, there happened to be too many late nights, with too much eating and maybe a cocktail or two as well.  It was warm and sunny, we had A LOT of fun.  Walking just did not quite happen and I am not too sad about it.  However, I am happy to say, I am back on the wagon.  This morning I even challenged myself to run a bit and I hate running!!  But I am alive and I feel pretty good about it.  I have even been tossing around the idea of signing up for a 5K to do in the fall.  Mind you, I have not been in a race since high school, which was a while ago.  Let’s just say…….

I want to eat FOOD!!!  Still true.  It’s so hard to not eat food, when you love it so much.  It has happened in past summers, I gained weight.  As I told you, it was just to hard to control myself with so much delicious food around, especially at the lake.  I am happy to report, so far this summer, I have been able to eat smaller portions and make healthier choices and have not gained any weight.  I have not lost any, but the Summer of ME was about balance, not losing weight.  I just did not want the frustration of trying and probably failing during the summer.  This food journal, however, is not happening.  I am having a really hard time tracking my food.  I keep trying it, saying this is the week I will focus on my eating and then by the end of Tuesday I have written nothing down and it is over.  Maybe we will shelve this one until school starts when we rewrite some goals for the upcoming school year.

Part 2:  Regaining Control of My House

Some days, I look around my house and think we are doing a great job!!  We are gaining space, decluttering shelves, cleaning closets, the whole thing.  Then some days, I look around and a tornado has blown through without my noticing and we are back to square one.  The tornado I am referring to, is, of course, the girls.  There has been a grocery store, pet store, hospital, vet’s office, and a lemonade stand all in my living room in the past couple of weeks.  Oh, I think there might have been a zoo also and there was for sure I giant fort.  I know I am making progress with my own self, because normally I am not super thrilled about them playing in the living room.  However, they have done a really good job of cleaning up after themselves and with the organization we have accomplished, it is easier for them to put stuff away.  I need to remember it is their summer too.  Do we have a long way to go……yes.  But I was told by a reader to start small and not get overwhelmed. so I am trying really hard to keep things into perspective.  I am working on my master closet and even got Jason to clean out some polo shirts.  More on that as I continue in a couple of days……

Part 3:  Taking Time for My Friends and Family

I am so blessed.  My girls are healthy and happy.  Jason and I just celebrated 15 years of marriage and got to go out on Date Night!!  I get to go to the lake almost every weekend to relax and recharge.  Blessed.  So why is there still irritation sometimes?  Why is it so hard to keep it together all of the time?  I was hoping the Summer of ME would calm me down and I would not ever yell at my children.  Perhaps the ever in the previous sentence was the problem.  But when they are fighting with each other about dumb stuff, I don’t know what else to do.  I am a yeller.  Not in an abusive way, but in a teacher-mom-get-your-attention way.  I would love some advice from you about that one.  Do you yell?  I do feel as if we have had more good times than bad.  More snuggles and play time than previous summers, so I just need to keep working on not losing my cool.  Something for the school year as well.  I think this one is going to require more time and focus.

Challenge time:  How is your Summer of YOU going?  Have you been able to accomplish anything you set out to do?  Or are you having too much fun playing on these beautiful summer days?  I am not ready to think about what is around the corner.  School is looming in the distance, but there will be a time for that as well.  Keep working on those goals and let me know how things are going!!  As always, you can comment on this page or on our Facebook page, Speaking Jelinese.  Your likes, comments, and shares are so important to me.  You can also share every post on to Pinterest, so hit those buttons!!  I appreciate all of your support as I try to better myself during the Summer of ME!!

Talk to you soon,





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