21 Day Challenge Update 2


While the Summer of ME is coming to an end, I am still in the middle of a 21 Day Challenge.  The goal was to get myself moving and to have to work hard running on the treadmill.  When I thought about starting this challenge, I knew this week would be the most difficult.  Starting teacher workshops on Monday, meant a whole new structure to my day.  I can’t run on the treadmill at ten in the morning or two in the afternoon.  I am forced to make a decision to get up really early or do my workout at night.  So far, I have chosen the later, mostly because the treadmill is in our bedroom and I did not think Jason would appreciate waking to the sound of the motor and I running.

During the first two weeks of my 21 day challenge, I was trying to increase my time and distance.  However, my focus has shifted this week.  I have simply focused on getting my workout done.  I will admit, I was more tired and my motivation was not very high.  I contemplated not doing it or skipping it “just for one night”.  But that is where I always start and pretty soon I have fallen off the challenge completely.  As I am learning and struggling just like you might be, to complete your challenges, here are a couple of tips for your 21 day challenge to consider.

1-Start small.  I guarantee if I was supposed to run for 30 minutes or an hour, I would have never gotten on the treadmill tonight.  But setting myself up with a small amount of time, made it much easier.  I only had to be on the treadmill for 20 minutes.  Anyone can do 20 minutes, even if you don’t go all out.  I was still tired and sweaty, as I am not one of those people that can go to the gym and walk out looking the same as when they went in to the gym.  If I chose to increase my time later or on a certain Saturday, I can, but I was trying to set myself up for success by starting small.

2-Find something to listen to or watch.  If there is nothing I want to watch on TV and I can’t find anything to listen to, I struggle to be motivated.  You can make fun of me all you want, but listening to 80s and 90s music takes me back.  Isn’t it funny when those songs come on and you can feel your whole body pick up a notch?  If listening to 90s music is dorky, than fine, because I still got on the treadmill and got to work.

3-Do intervals.  No matter what your challenge is, sometimes it can’t all be accomplished at one time.  If you need to break it up to get it done, do it.  You are still meeting your goals.  Tonight I could not run constantly for more than five minutes.  So I ran for a minute and then walked for a minute.  I still got my workout in and still worked hard.  I just needed to do it in a different manner.  Finding what works for you is just as much part of the goal.

Challenge time!!  You have 5 days left if you started your 21 day challenge with me!!  You can do it.  Only 5 days.  I have noticed my body feels better when I do my challenge.  I don’t have the pressure hanging over me to get it done and those endorphins might actually be a thing.  How is your 21 day challenge going??  What struggles are you running into as you work on your goals?  You can comment here or on the Facebook page, Speaking Jelinese.  Let us be included on your journey.  If you haven’t started your 21 day challenge what better time than right now!!!  Just start!!  You can do it!!  Hit those buttons and share this out to keep our community growing!!!

Talk to you soon,




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