The Thing About Goals…….

Whew!!  I have been away for a while!!  I have missed blogging and connecting with all of you!!  We have been working on our basement, currently putting in the doors, casing, and trim.  Jason has been cutting and nailing for the past couple of weeks and we are so very close to being done.  Carpet is on order and arriving December 10th!!  WOO HOO!!!!  But as I am filling the nail holes with putty all around the basement, it has me thinking a lot about how long we have been working on it and how rewarding it will be to have it done.

We started our basement project the day after Christmas two years ago.  Naively, I thought we would have it done by the summer of the first year.  Boy, was I wrong!!!  What started as an easy project, quickly turned into a labor of love.  We have done electrical, plumbing, insulation, built cabinets, put in stone, painted and now done the trim work.  (By we, I mean Jason……I am just the muscle or the go-getter of things he needs….)  With time and money being the two things we never seem to have enough of, we have had to say no to fun events, save every month, be stressed out and crabby at each other and above all tired.  However, all of the hard work, money and time, will pay off and I can finally put my house back together.  WOO HOO!!!!!!

But that is one funny thing about goals.  Sometimes they start off feeling easy and turn into something more exhausting than you would have expected.  But when you look back at something you really wanted, it was all the more worth it in the end.

I make my students write goals throughout the school year.  But they are quick, not purposeful and rarely get revisited or reflected on.  So really, what a waste of my time as a teacher.  The students write them because I told them to, but they don’t actually internalize them or make them part of their decisions.  Kind of like my New Year’s Resolutions, my all of a sudden “I am going to lose ten pounds” goals or my going to keep the house clean everyday goals.  I say them because they sound good, but I don’t really mean them.  How many times have you made those goals?  I have made hundreds.  The basement is something I have thought about almost every day for two years.  I have walked by it, woken up in the middle of the night, thought about it while driving to work, been to Menards and Home Depot more than I would have liked, and so on.

That’s another funny thing about goals.  They have to be in your face.  When I have wanted to lose weight and been committed to it, I have put reminders all over the house.  Post-it notes reminding me to drink water, not snack, get more steps, etc.  The girls get in on it too and tell me when I am going against the goal.  “Mom……should you be eating that cookie?”  When we wanted to save money, we put a thermometer looking like picture in the closet so we see it every day.  When I wanted to live a more purposeful life, I told you about it during the Summer of ME.  If your goals are not out there for you to see, it is just like my students writing goals on a random sheet of paper.

Same thing with this blog.  I started out with a goal of creating a successful blog.  I thought it would be easy; anyone can write and throw something up on the internet.  Except I was completely wrong.  I have learned so much about writing, formatting, promoting and finding time to get it all done.  The goal still stands, but much like the basement, this blog is something which will take hard work, time, money and lots of learning.  But it is so rewarding for me and so worth it.

Challenge Time!!  What are your goals?  Not the ones you make on New Year’s Day, but the real ones, the ones you think about every day.  The ones you skimp and save and are willing to miss fun events for as your journey continues.  Share them with us.  I know it is not New Year’s yet, but who keeps those resolutions anyway.  Tell us about them here or on the Facebook page, Speaking Jelinese.  I will update you on my next goals as soon as the basement is officially carpeted.  (I was going to say done, but that might still be a while.)

Talk to you soon!!





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