ME Time Happens When?  

SO…….I just got done working out for the first time in forever, not to reference a Frozen song right off the bat.  It felt amazing and the time passed quickly, me and my 90s music blaring in the basement. The only reason I was able to work out today was because I had a child with the stomach flu who did not go to basketball.  As I was pondering when I will get to work out again tomorrow, I came up with two options. I can get up at 5 am or after teaching all day, coaching Science Olympiad, running home, feeding one child, going to church with my kids, teaching youth group and then getting all 3 children to bed, I can start working out at 9 pm.  Does that sound like fun to you? Heck no!!! So what do I choose? I probably choose not to work out tomorrow…….

I am a pretty firm believer in getting some ME time.  As busy adults and especially busy parents, it seems as if constantly running is the norm.  However, this leads to stress, crabbiness and sometimes unhealthy choices. You yell at the kids.  It becomes easier to hit up the drive-thru instead of cooking at home because who has the time? You might reach for a pop in the fridge instead of filling up a water bottle.  You have to choose between getting up early to work out or actually get some sleep. What do you choose?

Will you get ME time everyday….probably not or at least I don’t.  But getting a little bit of time every week to recharge your own self allows you to give back to others and be more patient with those around you.  Do you have to work out? No!! Deciding what is important and works best for you to recharge your spirit is what counts. I enjoy reading in the summer, but during the school year, reading simply causes me to fall asleep, no matter how awake I am when I start.  So I would not pick reading as my ME time unless it is code for getting some sleep. Some people cook, but I can’t make anything unless it is from a box. Some people meditate or get a massage, which sounds excellent!! However you want, but being alone in your thoughts or just relaxing is quality ME time, any time!!    

Challenge Time!!!  What do you like to do to recharge?  Do you feel like you get enough ME time in your world?  Do you feel like it is important to become your best self during your busy schedule?  Your challenge is to find some time each week where you can take a few minutes, by yourself, to relax and unwind.  Then reflect on this time and share your thoughts with us, we love to hear from you!!!

Talk to you soon!!


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